Penny vom Silbersee SchH1


V-Penny vom Silbersee SchH1 KKL1a normal
ED fast normal ZW:79

V Penny vom Silbersee SchH1 KKL1a normal
ED fast normal ZW: 79
Dob: 11-27-2007
Our homebred girl Penny is out of two sable parents - our old girl Vila and our sable boy V-Ronaldo von Arlett aka Quinto. Her temperament matches that of her sire with his easygoing playful and attention getting attitude and her structure and gait was inherited from her mother's side, similar to her successful half-sister Gina vom Silbersee. Penny had a very beautiful litter by VA-Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt of which we retained one female to be sent to Germany to ensure the future of this important sable female line.
Click HERE to see Penny's current litter, due September 10, 2013



V Ronaldo V. Arlett
SchH3 KKL1 a normal

V SG11 (BSZS 2001) Kliff vom Trollbachtal
SchH3 KKL1a

V4 (BSZS 2001) Romeo von Pallas Athene
SchH3 KKL` a

V Hilka vom Mönchberg
SchH1 KKL1 a

VA Ussi v. Arlett
SchH2 KKL1 a

VA8 Max della Loggia dei Mercanti
SchH3 KKL 1a

V Soffie von Arlett

V Vila vom Haus Dexel
SchH3KKL1 a normal

VA2 Timo vom Berrekasten
KKL1a normal

V11 (BSZS) Wanko vom Lippischen Norden

V Leska vom Berrekasten

V Barda vom Holtkämper See

V7 (BSZS) Miro vom Holtkämper See


V Fante vom
Holtkämper See











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