Shicco and Penny Litter ~   Born January 11, 2011
1 Male and 3 Females ~ All Red Sables
New photos taken May 01,2011 - Please scroll down to view!


Penny vom Silbersee SchH1


Our Penny whelped her first litter of one male and three females for us on January 11 after recently returning from Germany. All puppies are red sables with beautiful pigment and substance. The current ZW of the litter is 84 (Shicco 88, Penny 79).
We picked charismatic and handsome VA-Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt, SchH3 KKL1a fast normal ED normal due to his pedigree and appearance.
Scroll down to see photos of the babies.
New photos added May 01, 2011
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VA Shicco von der Freiheit Westerholt
SchH3, KKL1a fast normal
Normal ED



W Litter
vom Silbersee

VA Shicco vd Freiheit Westerholt
SchH3, KKL1a fast normal
Normal ED

V1 Maestro vom Osterberger-Land

VA5 Nero vom Nöbachta

V11 (BSZS 2002) Mirka vom Osterberger-Land

V4 BSZS 2008 Nannila von der Freiheit Westerholt

VA1 Pakros d' Ulmental

V1 Frizi von der Freiheit Westerholt

V-Penny vom Silbersee SchH1 KKL1a normal
ED fast normal ZW:79


V Ronaldo V. Arlett
SchH3 KKL1 a normal

V SG11 (BSZS 2001) Kliff vom Trollbachtal
SchH3 KKL1a

VA Ussi v. Arlett
SchH2 KKL1 a

V Vila vom Haus Dexel
SchH3KKL1 a normal

VA2 Timo vom Berrekasten
KKL1a normal

V Barda vom Holtkämper See

penny pup
Photos taken May 1, 2011
penny pup
penny pup penny pup
penny pup
  5 weeks old  
penny penny

penny penny
penny penny
penny penny


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